Foot and Calf Stretcher


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✦Made of cotton and oxford fabric, which is soft, comfortable and breathable.

✦When stretched, it can relax and warm up the muscles around the joints, which helps to increase the range of motion and thus helps to prevent injuries.

✦Helps maintain good joint flexibility, relieve spasms, and promote motor function recovery.

✦When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps increase the range of motion and in turn helps to avoid injury.


✦ Product name:Fascia Stretcher

✦ Material:cotton+polyester+oxford cloth

✦ Uses:Two Hook-and-loop fasteners secure the footpads on your feet. Easy to Use.



✦Meet your various exercise needs, suitable for ballet, pilates, exercise, sports team, relaxation and flexibility training. Can also be used as a yoga stretch belt to help you shape a slim body.


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✦1pc * Fascia StretcherOwning A Home GymOwning A Home GymOwning A Home GymOwning A Home GymOwning A Home GymOwning A Home GymOwning A Home Gym

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